How to type a text with Android Keyboard with Appium and Python?


I am developing a script in Python 3.7 using Appium. It will automate some task on a Real Android smartphone. My script need to type some text in textfield.
I don’t want to use send_keys method or ActionChains.
I would prefer to type the text, character by character, using the keyboard of the smartphone.


I investigate and read various docs:


which brings me to Keyevent

Which brings me to KeyCharacterMap

To be honest with you, after I read it all, it is super difficult for me to undestand all that.

So I made some experimentations by trying different lines of code to see what happens:



It seems than nothing happen.

Is there anyone who knows a good tutorial or article which can explain me how to type a text in a textfield of an Android smartpohne Application using the keyboard instead of send_keys method and ActionChains?

Could you help me please to find the way?

driver.press_keycode(keycode=‘10’, metastate=None, flags=None)