How to upload file in devices


My application runs as a Webview for Android and iOS. I have a button to upload file and, when using desktop browsers I can “SendKeys” to the hidden input element so I get my file there.

I wanted to ask how can I do this on devices (iOS and Android)? I tried the same approach that I use for desktop browsers and got “Original error: Error while executing atom: Element is not currently visible and may not be manipulated (status: 11)”

Do I need to interact with the native elements? (Click on the attachment button and go through the UI to pick a file?)

Thanks in advance

Hi IKros,
I am facing with exactly same issue, have you find any solution for it?

Hi merna,

I “sort of” found a solution. For Android the same approach that we use for desktop works (sendkeys to input element) now for iOS I’m switching my context to nativeApp and navigating trhough the gallery to pick a picture. This approach only works if you are using appium 1.8 (beta version) as 1.7 can’t see the gallery pictures.

Thanks Ikros, I will try