How to use a MobileElement to find it's siblings in Android

I’m doing Appium for Android and I know how to find elements using scrollIntoView().

The table I have is like this:


As I mentioned above, I can locate (0)TextView with the text “Tom” and the id. However, what I want is to locate (1)TextView and click it. Are there any ways to do it?

I’m looking for something like:

MobileElement tom = the (0)TextView I located;
MobileElement target = tom.findElement(__);;

Use xpath

This doesn’t work, but I figured out how to find it.

Since scrollIntoView() can scroll down until tom and target are both visible on the screen, I eventually do the following:

MobileElement tom = scrollToElement(table, name_id, "Tom"); // scrollIntoView()
MobileElement target = driver.findElementByXPath("//*[@text='Tom']/following-sibling::android.widget.TextView[1]");

I use driver instead of tom to find the element.