How to use activity in TestCases by Appium and What is the difference between activities in testAutomation of Mobile App

In the SetUp method i have the following activity
capabilities.setCapability("appActivity", "com.gtl.kemific.activity.SplashActivity");
in other methods, can i start another activity ?
and why we use activity in each method?

For example i want to create a new list from screen (A)
if i call the target activity after finishing from creating a list
can i have the same screen but empty to enter new data for the second list?

If you are trying to test other screens in your application which bear different activity names, you should navigate there through your UI. In our testing, we use our activity name to identify which screen we are on using the screen-object model (otherwise known as the page object model).

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@emna_ayadi Yeah ! you can start a new activity in mid of your script execution.
For example say your app needs Location Access setting, then you can start your Location Access Activity , turn on access and again come back to your application.

With latest appium release you just need to call
driver.startActivity(appPackage, appActivity);