How to use Appium server from MAC on windows to run ios automation on windows?

I want to use appium server from mac machine using port and run ios appium on windows machine, is it possible?

It seems your requirement run Appium server on iOS machine, your test will be running on windows machine. It will work.

yes, how can we do it?

Please read your question carefully @pritesh_muli. Abhay is right, I’m doing it the way he says.

You want to connect an apple phone to a windows machine or to the apple machine?
Is this a wifi or a USB connection to the host?
Remember for purposes of building the web driver in xcode, unless you get xcode installed on Windows by some artful magic, the phone must be connected to a mac, and unless you can convince the toolstack to remotely push the ipa to the phone if the phone is plugged into the windows machine it all becomes confusing.

However nothing at all stops you running the “client” on Windows and remotely starting the service on the mac, you will just have to remember that all filepaths will have to be filepaths on the mac, not on the Windows machine where the test runs. Appium works this way by design, even if most people don’t use appium as a remote service, it’s designed to work that way. Hope this helps you to re-phrase your question by at least clarifying more of what the business limitation is for you, that is causing you to want to do this. Remember Apple only want you to connect their kit to their kit, so when you try not to, you will be making pain for yourself in the longer term even when it is possible to do so, it becomes a diminishing returns game. If you have enough USB ports on the mac, you can easily connect 2 or 3 iphones, and still only run one appium server.

We basically have a small pile of mac minis hidden in our lab, the appium server starts on each mac, and each mac has 2 phones plugged into it. linux and windows machines (and mac machines) run some python code that connects the appium address to the relevant mac, really easy, only trouble is the pile of macs has to be running the latest macOS for xcode and ios17 to work nicely together. Hope that helps.