How to use resource-id find location

if have example please show me

You have to be more explicit.

If you want to find element using id, there are several alternatives. You can use:


thank you but i want to know python2.7 can find resource-id or not?

find_element_by_id I guess :thinking:



This is different ??

This will work for python, in getting access to the resource id.


ID(resource-id): Native element identifier. resource-id for android; name for iOS.

Node details of that element will be displayed. In those details get the value of ‘resource-id’. And pass the value in the syntax.

driver.findElement(“resource-id Value”));


Using this ID we can locate an element. Let’s try to find the digit 1 from the calculator app using UI Automator. Just Click on number ‘1’ in UIAutomator. In node details you will ‘resource-id’ having value ‘’.

Refer this post for Locator strategies: