I am trying to find an element in a collection view

I have put in automation Id for this by binding in the developers code with the names being the same like foo has an autoamtionid as foo but appium is not able to see down this far… When I go to appium inspector it highlights the entire collection. I have tried using xpath return MobileBy.XPath("//IOS.widget.ListView[contains(@text=‘foo’)]")); this is not working for me. when I click on the xpath from inspector I see XCUIElementTypeOther and the same ios class chain.

there is no ‘text’ attribute in ios

what should i use instead?

using ListView is difficult because Appium inspector does not show anything for these and I am not familiar with how to work with these views.

depending on how your dev writing code this is most probably “value”.

When I use inspector it shows a block of the list. I tried to go to the code and change each automation tree to false but it did not do anything. Is there another way for value to work?