I can't press the button

Hi, everybody
I am new to Appium and faced with such a problem:
When using “Appium- inspector”, I can find id or path and etc. but I can’t click specifically on the Login button and I think what I find with “appium-inspector” does this apply not to button but to whole line?
What should I pay attention to?

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From what I can gather from this question you are trying to use Appium Inspector to click on the log in text. You don’t supply the screenshot of the appium inspector so we can’t know if the element you are trying to click on is applying to the whole line, but you should be able to tell by the area it highlights in the display.

Another way to test this would be to use the button at the top of the inspector which allows you to tap by co-ordinates. Look at the bounds of the element and figure out roughly where the co-ordinates are that you need to tap and experiment a bit with that to see if you can tap it.

Thanks for the answer! I used “touchAction”

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