I wanted to automate Messaging test

I wanted to automate Messaging.
I wanted to send an SMS from the Primary device to an reference phone.
And now the reference phone should send an SMS to the primary phone. Will i be able to automate the test case. I mean will i be able to control the reference phone parallel y when im testing the actual device?

If it is android Absolutely yes , You can . You have to create two sessions for each device and carry out test as usual . You may also want to create a small support app that reads / sends sms for your convenience .

@ravirajankm you should not have any problem. just start 2 appium sessions which uses 2 different ports (both --port and --bootstrap-port should be different). and start 2 drivers using ports you set.
We use to check SMS to start native sms messaging app as package name and activity.
Sometimes when you need open notification bar you can use:

((AndroidDriver) driver).openNotifications();