ID or Name missing in Inspector unless user manually navigates/refresh to another page and come back to the previous page

Appium: 1.6.3
Simuluator: iPhone 7 iOS 10.2
Appium c# client driver: 2…1.1
Xcode: 8.2.1
Mac: Sierra 10.12.2

In Xcode 7 (UIAutomation), the element is a UIATableGroup and it has 2 child elements that I was ABLE to access via ID/Name. However, after upgrading my system to Xcode 8 and using the new Appium server which supports the new Apple XCUITest framework, the UIATableGroup element became XCUIElementTypeTable and its child elements’ ID/Name is not long there UNLESS I manually navigate to another page and then come back.

Has anyone encountered this after making the switch from using the UIAutomation to XCUITest framework from Apple? Is this something that can be fixed on Xcode side or Appium side?