Identifying elements on Chrome

Hi Team ,

Here is a challenging task , I am testing a website on chrome on Android platform , Here is what is wanted to know

  1. I used Android UI Automatior and then used the properties of elements shown like resource id , content desc etc but they dint work , so is it that Mobile Elements doesnt work on mobile browser ?

  2. I tried developing xpath and used the type as WebElement and it started working , but since i am working on chrome is there any way that i can validate the xpath ? like in firebug , firepath etc , It is consuming lot of time as i have to run the code everytime to test the element ( using chrome inspect devices to get the xml )

So pleae suggest me on how to proceed with quick automation , like should i type cast the mobile Element or does mobile element doesnt work at all on chrome? , need some suggestion for autoimating websited on mobile browser . Urgent help needed


First you have to transfer the control from native to Webview then using chrome remote debugger you can inspect webview elements and perform any action on it.

Refer this link.

I am able to identify web elements from chrome remote debugger , but my point is how can i evaluate that the xpath i obtained is correct,
For example in firefox firebug/ firepath etc we can evaluate the xpath but how to do the same in Chrome, there s no such toolk, and i dont want absolute xpath i would need relative xpaths

Hi Deva,

In “Elements” panel, press Ctrl+F and in the search box, type in XPath or CSS Selector, if elements are found, they will be highlighted in yellow.

thanks for your help bro, i ll ask you if i need any help