Ignoring SSL certificate errors while running test on WebView in Android hybrid app

I am running tests on Android hybrid app on our test environment.
(Devices have Android version > 4.4, Appium v1.4.6)
While navigating to a particular page in webview, there are few HTTPS GET request being made to a server with invalid SSL certificate.
I checked via developer tools, the webview is blocking these requests.

This is causing Chromedriver to hang and finally I get below error on the console :
“info: Chromedriver: [STDERR] [666.306][SEVERE]: Timed out receiving message from renderer: 289.699”

When I run the same test on Chrome browser on devices via Appium, it works perfectly fine.

As per my understanding, --ignore-certificate-errors switch is passed to Chrome browser by default when running a test via Chromedriver.

Will setting --ignore-certificate-errors option work with webview?
Do I need to explicitly pass this option while running on hybrid app OR it will be set by default?

Note : I have tried to explicitly setting --ignore-certificate-errors as chromeOption while creating a new Appium session, but am still facing this issue.

Please let me know if more information is required.