I'm new to Appium and I ran into problem at a early stage. Anyone help me!

I used selenium earlier for web application testing. I tried to test mobile application using appium I ran into error on the code side. I added appium Java client, selenium server, and comms Lang jars as dependencies. See the images attached and help me with the issue.

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Hi, two things:

  1. which error message does the compiler print?
  2. there were some changes in late java-client releases so it is possible that the tutorial you followed is not up to date.
    make sure to use the right javadoc, according to your client version: https://javadoc.io/doc/io.appium/java-client/latest/index.html

your capabilities structure also looks a little incomplete still, you are unlikely to get joy with that.

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Newer version on appium doesn’t require tag. It is not an issue. U can downgrade the client version to continue working with .