Importing an apk file into a package. Help!

Hi guys

I’ve been trying various ways to import an apk file to in run in appium for about a week. As a novice you can appreciate it has been very very taxing and frustrating as I have been very unsuccessful. So I am trying to run an apk file in the in a different way from my other earlier posts.

Fundamentally, I am trying to import my .apk file which is located in my downloads folder into the SRC package for an appium project on my mac machine. And I can’t seem to do it.

I have done the following steps:

selected src package>right click and selected> import>Selected ‘general’> selected ‘file system’> under ‘from directory’ selected ‘browse’>

expected result

I can select my .apk file called fandango.apk

Actual result.

I can’t select my apk file. How did you do it?

Here’s an example from training course where it is done successfully (however he hasn’t told us HOW he did this!!!)


What is your line of code for your import statement?