Impossible to click on element on iOS devices

My stack for mobile automation is Appium + WebdriverIO + TypeScript.
For one on my test I need to click on [Yes Logout] button in this modal:

The button [Yes Logout] has the Accessibility ID and it can be found in the Appium Inspector. But it is impossible to execute default click() on this element.

I have decided to do ‘tap by coordinates’ and used this method:

    async mobileTap(selector: string): Promise<void> {
        const element = driver.$(selector)
        const elementId = await element.elementId
        const { x, y, height, width } = await driver.getElementRect(elementId)
        const xCenter = x + Math.round(x + width / 2)
        const yCenter = y + Math.round(x + height / 2)
        return driver.execute(`mobile: ${driver.isIOS ? 'tap' : 'clickGesture'}`, { x: xCenter, y: yCenter })

In Appium inspector when I selected option ‘tap by coordinates’ and hover over the ‘Yes Logout’ button I see the next x and y coordinates: x = 180 and y = 715. But after calculation of center coordinates using the below method I have got x = 191 (it is ok) , but the y = -4410 . And the element with such coordinates is not found and can not be clicked.

Please, advise, how can I click on the [Yes Logout] button.

There is a problem with this code in the second line. Shouldn’t it be:

const yCenter = y + Math.round(y + height /2)?

I have tried to change it, but was not helped. The main reason that I have the strange value for ‘y’ coordinate directly in the Appium inspector

I recommend bringing that up with your developers. Maybe some problem with app code? At least get some dev eyes on it.

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In most cases strange values means you are in webView and you made scroll.

In most cases per my expirience you have nothing to do but only switch to web contex.

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I have tried to switch to WebView context, but I have received only NATIVE_APP context after running this command:

await driver.getContexts()

I have seen that this element has visible: false

Although when I am searching for this element in Appium inspector it was found

can you share whole page source?

// wait 3-5sec after 'Yes Logout' button visible on screen
// Java

I have added this code:

        const sel = $('~Yes Logout')
        await sel.waitForDisplayed({ timeout: 5000 })
        const source = await driver.getPageSource()

But it failed on the row await sel.waitForDisplayed() because the [Yes Logout] button is still not visible after 5 seconds

No matter. Just sleep for 5-10sec after visually button is visible.

Thanks, it was solved already.

Hope you will left an answer what helped you for others …

Yes, sure.
There was an issue for it Appium doesn't find the element in iOS modal window · Issue #854 · facebookarchive/WebDriverAgent · GitHub

For my case the following was helped:
set Accessibility to false for appropriate modal component