In Appium 1.5.2, unable to launch Safari in iOS real devices


I am trying to automate mobile web application in iOS. For that I need to launch safari. But unable to launch safari it showing following errors:

/usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-ios-driver/build/SafariLauncher/ App paths need to be absolute, or relative to the appium server install dir, or a URL to compressed file, or a special app name. (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)
Command duration or timeout: 5.43 seconds

Using following to launch application via code:

String nodeJSPath = “/usr/local/bin/node”;
String appiumJSPath = “/usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/build/lib/main.js”;

Appium version: 1.5.2
Desktop OS/version used to run Appium: OS X El Capitan
Node.js version : latest version
Mobile platform/version under test:iOS
Real device: iPod

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Hi @sanoj27, did you already set your provisional profile for Safari Launcher at Xcode Project?
And did you checked if in this path if really exists?

@JoaoSilva doesn’t exist on that path. Do i have to manually build SafariLauncher and copy to that location ?. The xcode project is in the following directory

@sanoj27, can u please install appium using npm and try. because i am not sure about GUI version of appium that has safari launcher app. But i m sure it has if u installed it using npm.

@Priyank_Shah i already installed appium 1.5.2 using npm and the problem still exist . Could you please provide path of ? . I have located only the xcode project of safariLauncher in the following path


hi @sanoj27,

Just run the following command on terminal find . -name safari-launcher, and saw where safari laucher is stored.
After you located the paste, verify if contains any files. If have, check if contains the file SafariLauncher.xcodeproj, and open with your xcode where you will need set your provisional profile created before to build the app at your device.

Hope this helps.

They given the xcode project and also I can see the bundle ID (com.bytearc.SafariLauncher). Once I build it using my provision certificate; try to run on real device and unable to launch the safari. If they provide the provision file along with safari project then it may work.


Hi @sanoj27,

Did you already read this Mobile Safari on a Real iOS Device ? This simple tutorial got all you need to set Safari Laucher running on your devices.

I am unable to launch Safari Launcher with latest appium version 1.5.3 .While building safariLauncher app ,i gave bundle id as com.imom.TestingApplication ,but when appium session is running ,it is considering other bundle id com.byterac.SafariLauncher . Please help me ,how to resolve this problem.
I am able to launch safariLauncher with Appium 1.4.13 version ,But this appium doesnt support for parallel execution

Scripts are running very slow with appium 1.5.2 version on iPhone safari browser , but with appium 1.4.3 version ,it is very fast .Suppose for each testscript in appium 1.4.3 ,it takes 80 sec ,but with appium 1.5.2 ,it is taking 400 sec .Any Idea how to fix this one ?

With Appium 1…5.2,/1.5.3 execution time is taking double time than Appium 1.4.13 on iPhone safari browser.Any idea how to fix this?

Could you please paste appium server logs so as to investigate ?

The hyperlink looks broken.please fix.