Inconsistent behavior when testing iOS App that contains WKWebView with Appium

I am creating automated tests for an iOS app that uses WKWebviews to
display some data. The user types a query into a native text field and
results are displayed inside the webview. The problem is that I got
inconsistent behaviour when checking some expected structure in the

Here is the HTML I am expecting:

<div id="results">
    <div class="frame">
        <div class="card">
            // here my data

In Appium I check the very simple case that these three divs exist as the follows:

it("should display results inside the web view", function () {
    return driver
    .waitForElementByName("Address and Search")
    .sendKeys("search query")
    .contexts().then(function (contexts) { // get list of available views. Returns array: ["NATIVE_APP","WEBVIEW_1"]
    return driver.context(contexts[1]); // choose the webview context
    .waitForElementById("results", 60000)
    .waitForElementByCss(".frame", 60000)
    .waitForElementByCss(".card", 60000)

Every time I run the test I get different results: sometimes it finds
all elements, and sometimes it find only the first element (waitForElementById), then fails to get any further elements, and sometimes it couldn’t find any element

First run:

1) ios simple should work with WEBVIEW:
     Error: [waitForElementById("results",60000)] Element condition wasn't satisfied!

Second run

1) ios simple should work with WEBVIEW:
     Error: [waitForElementByCss(".frame",60000)] Element condition wasn't satisfied!

Third run:

POST /session/:sessionID/elements {“using”:“id”,“value”:“results”}
RESPONSE elements(“id”,“results”) [{“ELEMENT”:“5000”}]
RESPONSE waitForElementById(“results”,60000) {“ELEMENT”:“5000”}
CALL waitForElementByCss(“.frame”,60000)
CALL elements(“css selector”,“.frame”)
POST /session/:sessionID/elements {“using”:“css selector”,“value”:“.frame”}
RESPONSE elements(“css selector”,“.frame”) [{“ELEMENT”:“5001”}]
RESPONSE waitForElementByCss(“.frame”,60000) {“ELEMENT”:“5001”}
CALL waitForElementByCss(“.card”,60000)
CALL elements(“css selector”,“.card”)
POST /session/:sessionID/elements {“using”:“css selector”,“value”:“.card”}
RESPONSE elements(“css selector”,“.card”) [{“ELEMENT”:“5002”}]
RESPONSE waitForElementByCss(“.card”,60000) {“ELEMENT”:“5002”}
CALL element.sleep(3000)
RESPONSE element.sleep(3000)
✓ should work with WEBVIEW (10981ms)

Here is my configuration:

exports.ios93 = {
    browserName: '',
    'appium-version': '1.4.13',
    platformName: 'iOS',
    platformVersion: '9.3',
    deviceName: 'iPhone 6',
    app: undefined // will be set later

I tried to solve the problem by doing the following:

Adding delay after switching to WEBVIEW as follows:


Changing the window as follows:

     .then(function(handles) {

but this didn’t have any effect.

Note that the Android version of the app does not have all these problems when testing with Appium.