Incorrect package and activity

Can you help me?

This error occurs when the session starts.
If someone ran into a problem, how to fix it?
Appium v1.8.1
Thank you!

Replace in capabilities waiting activity for “ru.glamy.client.*”.

It needs to be done in the assembly or in the appium?

In driver capabilities. How you start tests?

I’m just trying to start a session, without test code.

if you using Appium GUI then correct start activity with it. -> Just add “appWaitActivity” and value ““ru.glamy.client.*”.

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YEH! It works ! )
Thank you!

Can I ask one more question?
How I can determine the transition screen in assert?

I run the test, do the actions and app passes on next screen, I want to indentify any object and pass the test.

Selenium tells me: “selenium.common.exceptions.NoSuchElementException: Message: An element could not be located on the page using the given search parameters.”

We need more details. Your code - how you looking for element and at least screenshot from Appium gui with element you looking for ( or result of driver.getPageSource() on screen where you looking for some element).