Inspect a Windows Application which has been already running


I have been learning Appium to automate windows desktop applications by using windows app driver, almost for two month.

It is very nice framework. But now I have a problem that could not figured out how to do it.

As we all know, We can start application session with appium inspector. But some times I need to inspect an application which is already running or started after Appium Inspector.

for example, one of my test applications may closes it self and opens another window with another instance during its login procedure. It first brings username password login panel. I type and login Then login panel quits ( also its icon on taskbar also dissappears for a moment) and an other instance of my application appears automatically ( also a new task appears taskbar with same icon). After this I click refresh button on Appium inspector but I cannot inspect new window. I guess appium driver loss connection and cannot reconnect this new window of my App.

What is more When I check process IDs of these login panel and new app window, they are same.

Windows inspect.exe or UIVerify inspector can easly recognise other apps which are started after them. I Think Appium should have done same.

So I think I have to figure out how to handle an application window which will be appear after inspector starts. is it possible?

thanks in advance.

sincerely Osman

Try it the way described here: