Inspector hangs and app freezes as soon as session begins - Android Real device

Please see the screenshot, the app inspector will just load like that for eternity, I can’t tap any buttons on the app either as it’s completely frozen so I need to force close it.

I also need to force close Appium Inspector as the ‘x’ button does nothing when it’s like this

Appium version: 2.11.1

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.25.39

  1. please provide us your “capabilities” settings so we can see what address and with what settings you are connecting to.
  2. have you remembered to start the appium server, normally you just type appium into a terminal window and it will start, the inspector will not auto-start it for you.
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Thank for your quick response.

After updating the drivers (android and ios), the issue was automatically resolved.