Inspector wont save a set

Is it just me or does this app hate me?
I add a new set and hit save-as and then things are fine but.

  1. if you delete a set, it deletes the last one not the one you clicked the bin next to
  2. if you edit a set, it never saves your changes, although sometimes it does, what is going on here?

do you mean saving a capability set? yes, i have faced the same situation and yes it happens only sometimes. Also the inspector does not work well with some resolutions in windows machine, if you are in recommended (150%) which is usually people are on, the buttons like save, start session are not visible, you have to reduce your screen resolution for this, am i missing some important settings for inspector?

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Inspector is equally perplexing to use on MacOS, so it’s not just Windows.

I find it quite bizarre that a showcase tool for test engineers uses a cross-platform GUI framework that is so flakey. Makes you really wonder what it is we are teaching software testers. I’m just glad I have neither the Java skills or patience to look into it. Also does not help I’m still on appium-server 2. Need to update to Version 3 at some point.