Install an application from applium client machine to appium server


I have to install an application which is on machine1 where i am running client code and device is connected to machine2 where appium server is running.

I tried driver.installApp(app_path) but here it takes path of application located on machine2(appium server machine) not the app path on machine1(client machine).

Is there a way of do that?

Hi @ashishdd,

I am not sure if below method will help you, you can try once:

  1. Share the folder where your application is located on machine1
  2. Get IP for machine1
  3. Provide path as //machine1_IP/path_to_application
  4. Provide necessary permissions to access this folder to user in machine2



Is the above helped you?

Did you tried with RemoteWebDriver option aswell?

RemoteWebDriver does not have install operation. at is a part of org.openqa.selenium.remote package.