Install test-ai-classifier errors on Mac M1

I am trying to install test-ai-classifier on my Mac with M1 chipset to use AI to use image detection and click it.
got errors with “npm install test-ai-classifier” below.
any advice?

npm ERR! code 1
npm ERR! path /Users/daeil.kang/workspace/automation/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-node
npm ERR! command failed
npm ERR! command sh -c – node scripts/install.js
npm ERR! CPU-darwin-1.7.4.tar.gz
npm ERR! * Downloading libtensorflow
npm ERR! /Users/daeil.kang/workspace/automation/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-node/scripts/install.js:95
npm ERR! throw new Error(Unsupported system: ${libType}-${platform}-${os.arch()});
npm ERR! ^
npm ERR!
npm ERR! Error: Unsupported system: cpu-darwin-arm64
npm ERR! at getPlatformLibtensorflowUri (/Users/daeil.kang/workspace/automation/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-node/scripts/install.js:95:11)
npm ERR! at downloadLibtensorflow (/Users/daeil.kang/workspace/automation/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-node/scripts/install.js:129:7)
npm ERR! at async run (/Users/daeil.kang/workspace/automation/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-node/scripts/install.js:190:5)

Last commit 2020. Hardly it will work with Apple arm without update