Installation of Appium by using npm and Desktop Appium

Step 1:

Download java from the following link (sha256)


set Java_Home in environmental variables and install it.

Go to the Program Files and go to folder Java

Ex: c:\ProgramFiles\java\jdk-11

Copy the path and go to Environment variables for Java_Home.

Environment variables -> System variables -> New -> type ‘JAVA_HOME’ -> Variable Value : c:\ProgramFiles\java\jdk-11

Verify through command prompt :

Java - version

where java

Step 2:

Download Android STUDIO from the following link :

(it gives .exe files with 2 files as SDK and STUDIO)


Install type : standard

Keep default all the settings including sdk

Copy the sdk folder path for system variable :


Environment variables -> System variables -> New -> type ‘ANDROID_HOME’ -> Variable Value : C:\Users\’UserName’\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk Save.

  1. Copy the path for C:\Users\’UserName’\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\tools\bin and create a path in the environment variable under System Variables.

  2. Copy the path for C:\Users\’UserName’\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\tools

  3. Copy the path for


Step 3:

Open Android Studio

Tools -> Device Manager

Create Device -> Select the ‘Phone’ ‘Name’ and install Virtual


Appium can be installed in 2 ways

(better to install in both ways in our os)

  1. Via Node.js

  2. By downloading Appium Desktop.

Appium installation via Node.js

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform, backend Java Script runtime environment.

from the above url, download and install

after installation, check the version in cmd prompt.

  1. Open the command prompt

  2. Use command :

node – version or node -v

  1. After installation copy the nodejs path

(C:\Program Files\nodejs) and paste in ‘System Variables’.

System Variables -> Name -> ‘NODE_HOME’ -> Value -> C:\Program Files\nodejs

  1. Set ‘npm Environment variables path’:

C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin

Copy the above path and paste under path in System environment variable.

NPM is a package manager for Node.js packages. It is automatically installed in our system when Node.js installed.

Use below command to install Appium Server

npm install -g Appium

to check version and where installed, use the following commands :

appium --v

where Appium


To check whether the installed Appium version is the latest or not?:

Go to

Then check the Latest Version.

With the above steps above, we have successfully installed Appium using Node.js.

Appium installation By downloading

Appium Desktop


  1. Select or click on Appium-Server-GUI-windows-1.22.3-4.exe

  2. Save File and go to the location.

  3. Double click the Appium-Server-GUI-windows

  4. And go further to install Appium Server.

  5. After installation click on ‘Start Server’.

  6. To check the Appium Status –


Appium Doctor Installation

Appium-doctor is to verify that all the required software & configuration is present for Appium Automation.

Use the GitHub Page :


  1. Install with command :

npm install -g Appium-doctor

  1. Run with the command :

appium-doctor -h to find all commands.

appium-doctor --android

this command is to check android setup.

All the above info available in