Installing Appium in jenkins' build server

What is the proper way to install and run Appium in a remote build server?
Is there any Jenkins plugin for that? If not, do I have to run it forever?

we do this programatically in tests instead. in jenkins we just starting tests. where the test starting on that machine will start appium.

Do you have slave machines where the tests are running or the test code is going to run on same machine where jenkins is?

for the sake of testing, I have the tests running on the same machine. but in the near future I will have to run it on the a remote server.
How can I do it pragmatically? is there any command line that let you do that.

Depends how you installing appium. Is it mac, windows or …

Another way to start with appium java-client code.

There many threads on this forum. You may look for them yourself or provide more data about your config for help

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Btw as Odd solution you may start appium in right in jenkins like shell script :slight_smile: