Integration of Appium for desktop application with jenkins

I am writing my Test Cases using maven project in Intelij IDE framework for desktop application. I want to run them through jenkins . my code is on VM

  • I use Junit.
  • i installed agent slabe in my VM
  • i connect jenkins to my agent slave.
  • i create job and i give the POM of my project
  • when i run jenkins on the VM => test run ( i need to have application in front, if not the test is failed).
    when i close my vm and try to run jenkins => test failed
    can you help me to resolve this issues please?

Use npm version. Desktop really isn’t designed to do this. You may get it to work, but at best it will be flaky.

Hello Thanks for your response, i’m using winappdriver , not the appium desktop , for automation test . Normaly i don’t need to install appium .

Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. Is this the tool you are using?

I doubt anyone on this board can answer questions about it, but also it looks like this project has no contributions in several years:

thank you for response :slight_smile: i will check that