Interactions are not available for this element


I am getting the following message while identifying element the highlighted element in “Appium”.

Appium: 1.7.1 Device: IPhone X (12.0 & Simulator) Java client: 1.6.1 Xcode: V 10

Interactions are not available for this element

Aim to read the content of the element using .gettext() method.

Logic used.

// Explicit wait with 30 seconds.
return driver.until(ExpectedConditions.visibilityOfElementLocated(By.xpath(WebElement))).getText();

WebElement used.

1, /XCUIElementTypeApplication[@name=“Event Manager”]/XCUIElementTypeWindow[1]/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther[3]/XCUIElementTypeOther

2, //XCUIElementTypeOther[3]/XCUIElementTypeOther

None of the above return the text that are there in the image. Also no exception/error thrown as well.

Any help on what else can be done to read the webelement?