Intermittent failure when clicking "Allow Access to All Photos" button in iOS App,mistakenly clicking "Don't Allow" instead, using Appium, WebdriverIO

I am writing automation tests for an iOS App, where it requires access to ‘Select Photos…’, ‘Allow Access to All Photos’, and ‘Don’t Allow’. I am using Appium 2.0 with, running on BrowserStack with an iOS 16.3 device.

Initially, I used the


locator strategy for the

'Allow Access to All Photos

’ button, as it is unique. It worked for a couple of times and then started failing intermittently. When I checked the execution video, it’s actually clicking the ‘Don’t Allow’ button.

So, I changed the locator strategy to use the iOS Predicate as follows:

type == “XCUIElementTypeButton” AND label == “Allow Access to All Photos” AND name == “Allow Access to All Photos”

. However, it still fails intermittently with the error: "Error: element ("-ios predicate string:type == "XCUIElementTypeButton" AND label == "Allow Access to All Photos" AND name == "Allow Access to All Photos"") still not displayed after 10000ms" , but it’s actually clicking the ‘Don’t Allow’ button in the video.

This is the block of code I am using:

const allowAccessToAllPhotosButton = await this.allowAccessToAllPhotosButton;
await allowAccessToAllPhotosButton.waitForDisplayed();

get allowAccessToAllPhotosButton(): Promise<WebdriverIO.Element> {
return getElementByPredicate(IOSPredicate.ALLOW_ACCESS_TO_ALL_PHOTOS_BUTTON);


This is not working for me , is there any desired solution which has been implemented