Intermittent Issue, Element Click action on Android (9 OS, Appium Version 1.9.1-Cloud) and Iphone (12.1.3, Appium Version 1.14.0-Cloud), does not do anything with No Exception thrown

With recent Cloud test runs, we are seeing intermittent issue with click action on element does not do anything with no exception thrown.
According to the test results the next step after click action fails with elementNotFound exception.

We have tried following options but with no desired result:

  1. WebElement click
  2. TouchAction class

Any suggestions or any related information available on forum on how we can tackle this kind of intermittent behavior of click action, would be great help.

Hi @Dhruvaraj_Udayashank ,

How about clicking as JavaScript like ? This is selenium’s technique.

Hello Kazu, javascript will not work for any action on a native app. Is there anything else you suggest in terms of :

  • Is there any appium capability where we can ask appium to slow down lit bit?

  • Any previous observation of mobile automations issue with click action not doing anything ?


Ah, native context.

In my experience, I haven’t met raising such error for click if find element method found it…

More actions, you can try out W3C actions with newer Appium versions

are examples in Ruby for some interactions.
You can find selenium client’s w3c action info in the internet.

to slow down lit bit?

Do you mean if you can handle actions more slowly etc?
You can add pause/duration in the w3c actions to control it.