Introducing Appium Pro

As the first project for my new consulting firm Cloud Grey, I have officially kicked off Appium Pro, a weekly newsletter of Appium tips and tricks. Please check it out and subscribe! I promise to scour the Appium codebase for interesting functionality you might not know exists.

I want Appium Pro to be more than just a one-way information blast, however. I’m hoping to have a section in each newsletter for Appium community news. That’s where I will need your help and participation—if you know of any Appium news, or interesting projects or frameworks related to Appium that you have built or found, please fill out the contact form at the Appium Pro site and let me know. I’d love to share any interesting news with the rest of the community in this way!

Of course, if you work for a large company that is looking for high-level Appium strategy or support, I would also encourage you to consider reaching out to my new firm Cloud Grey.

(Appium architect)


Gud luck Jon…:slight_smile:

@jlipps nice start! just few remarks about first episode :slight_smile: . I did same functionality and to make it perfect you need to add check -> Does needed file exist on phone? -> and only if NOT then add it. Otherwise after X tests number of files becoming huge on simulator. Other way is reset simulator on start (slower).

Best of luck @jlipps. You think its possible to add a comment section on each “edition” so that community can discuss and throw more ideas, just like @Aleksei did here?

Thanks @Aleksei and @Telmo_Cardoso; maybe I can open up Disqus on each edition page, I’ll look into it!

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@jlipps yes. cause moderate on PRO is not nice idea :slight_smile: