Introducing Optimus - An open source test framework using Appium


Announcing Optimus, an open source mobile app test automation framework that can be used to start automating any app on any platform in a matter of minutes. Some of the highlights below:

  • Setup your machine with one command, installs everything that is needed to start with test automation of your app

  • Test stack

    1. Appium - driving the app interaction
    2. Cucumber - BDD style spec definitions
    3. JAVA - programming tests using appium-java client
    4. Gradle - the build tool for execution and integration
    5. MongoDB - storing details of the test run
  • You can setup a custom device lab out of the box.

  • Every test runs in its own container, with it’s own set of appium server and driver instance.

  • Configurable setup to control app under tests and test devices.

  • Connect any number device and optimus will use that for running test in parallel based on configurations.

  • No need for java coding, if you don’t want to. You could just write scenarios using a common vocabulary in plain english.

  • At the same time, it is flexible to accommodate custom step definition, if and when needed.

  • Supports automation of inter-app scenarios, think uber’s and ola’s of the world.


fyi… testvagrant team has open sourced all the repos, refer to above issue comment.

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Optimus is not installing on Mac

npm install -g optimus-cli

Homebrew and Xcode is installed

node version 1.10.0 is installed in the macOSSierra