InvalidElementStateException when calling sendKeys in Jetpack Compose

Hi. We are migrating our app gradually to Jetpack Compose and before our tests worked properly, but a test broke for a form were we call the method sendKeys to fill the value of a TextField, has anyone encountered something like this? We can use the click method without a problem but it fails with that specific one, at first we thought it was because we didn’t have “ids” as with XML, so we enabled the use of testTags as mentioned in the official Android documentation but the error remains.

1 read . Most important disableIdLocatorAutocompletion in Settings
2 read - this is how you can see elements Ids in UIAutomator2 after Android developers will add them into code. (you possibly have this as you wrote)
3 describe more a bit how it fails?
4 enable show touches and coordinates on phone to see where you do tap