Ios 1.7.0 desktop version

Hi All,

i am using Appium 1.5.3 which is working for ios 9+. Now our app is upgraded to ios 10.3, i saw couple of threads which said update appium to 1.7.0 so where can i find ios 1.7.0 desktop version to download. if you guys have link please do let me know so that i can download and start using it.

Thanks in advance!!


You can find the latest Appium Desktop versions here:

You can also update your Appium server in terminal:

npm install  -g appium

on the mentioned link ,the latest version shown is 1.3.2,please suggest how to get it

Appium 1.3.2 is the latest Desktop GUI version which will have Appium 1.7.x server integrated

out of these two which one is preferable for 32 bit windows 7
86.2 MB Appium.Setup.1.3.2.exe

No idea about that, I use mac

You have to use XCUITest automation with Webdriver Agent to automate apps on ios 10.x or latest.