iOS 11.2 Real Device Issues

MacBook Pro (High Sierra)
iPhone 8 (11.2)
Xcode 9.2 Beta 2
Appium v1.7.1

I am having trouble automating my iOS app on my 11.2 device. I am unable to start the WebDriverAgent server and my application is never launched. I have found that when the process seems to be stuck, if I navigate to the device’s settings, the application is not Trusted (even though I made sure the app was trusted prior to starting my script). So to combat this, I set noReset = true, and this allowed the application to launch and I am able to run my script without issue. Thus, my issue is signing the app installed on my device…But I have other devices that I am able to run on the same machine.

can anyone help me out with this? I can provide logs if needed.

Can anyone help with this?

I follow this video and it worked for me.

Yup, I even tried for latest iOS 11.3 real device and Above link helped me too :slight_smile: Thanks @hungnguyen

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