IOS 15 Automation Running

I am on IoS 15 and I now get this Automation Running on the screen with hold volume buttons to stop. If I do it terminates the session and appium never seems to load fully. Anyone else seeing these issues? I am using appium 1.21.0

Hi @tkezn780 might be a bit late reply, but I was looking at this blog, which referenced the issue you’re also having.

At the end of the blog, the OP suggested that if we disconnect the device, the WDA stays running, but the overlay disappears. I’ve not had a chance to test it, but thought to share it with you in case it helps your case?

Did you find another fix for your issue? I’m very interested in this, because I’m going to have a somehow-similar issue, which is why I stumbled upon your question as well as that blog above.

Have a great weekend and hope this comes in handy.