iOS 8 - Test Apps and sample-code

Hey there,

Good job getting appium ready for iOS 8.
2 questions.

  1. Is one of the Test apps (like the calculator one) compiled and built with xcode 6/iOS 8 sdk? I’d like to get my coworker up to speed and he’s already updated his xcode to xcode 6.

  2. It seems like in recent times there was a sample-code subdirectory off of the appium root dir on the github page. It doesn’t look like it’s there anymore unless I go here:

    Is there any way I can pull this repo? or find the sample code somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sample code is here:

Clone with:
git clone GitHub - appium-boneyard/sample-code: appium sample code (dotnet, java, node, perl, php, python, ruby, etc.)

Thanks! Looks good
I remember --dev used to rebuild samplecode projects.
Now since samplecode is moved, is the onus on us to build for the right platform?
Thanks! --dev should still work the same as before. It still downloads the sample code projects and builds them.

Cool good to know. Thanks!