iOS 9.1 "Could not find Developer Disk Image"

I have an iPad Air 2 that has iOS 9.1 connected to my mac which is running Xcode beta (7.2). The device is being recognized but I don’t see an option to enable UI Automation. I see a warning that says “Could not find Developer Disk Image”. However, my iPhone 6+ which has iOS 9.0.2, when connected to the same Xcode, beta, I see an option to enable developer UI automation.

I’ve read through a few of the other appium discussions but didn’t find issues similar to mine.

I saw this warning message before but I am not sure if it is related to your case. I had installed ios 9.1 beta on my ipad, and use xcode 7.0 to run the app against this ipad and that warning message was displayed.
If I run xcode 7.1 beta ( at that time) then everything was fine. Now my my ipad is on ios 9.1, and I can use xcode 7.1 to run the app successfully.
My suggestion is: try with xcode 7.0 + device with ios 9.0, or xcode 7.1 + device with ios 9.1 and don’t use beta version anymore

Enable UI Automation is seen in iOS8.4 version. Try the version 8.4 if urgent. To run the application successfully…