iOS 9.1 crashes when trying to find an element using Appium

Problem: when trying to use the Java Client or the appium console, the iOS simulator and instruments crashes.

Specifics: this happens when, on a particular PageView, the client tries to find and select an element in the upper-right corner.

This occurs in two areas (after narrowing things down this is where they seem to occur):
Used appium console to do a “page class: :UIAButton” to see what buttons are availble. This causes instruments to crash. The logs give vague reports such as:

SpringBoard[11267]: HW kbd: Failed to set (null) as keyboard focus
([0xee9][11332]): Service exited due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11

Used the Java client to run through automated tests. Once it gets to the screen where we want to select an element in the upper-right corner by using the name strategy, it crashes during the call to Appium to get the element (getElementBy)

An instruments log revealed that there is a dynamic library trying to be loaded in and fails, which could be a source of the issue. All answers to that problem, however, have been tried or don’t apply to our situation (i.e. creating a fresh build - which we do each time - while Appium is not running). Here’s the log snippet:

Dyld Error Message:
could not load inserted library ‘/Applications/’ because no suitable image found. Did find:
/Applications/ mmap() error 1 at address=0x104A80000, size=0x00001000 segment=__TEXT in Segment::map() mapping /Applications/

We have the UI Automation enabled on the phone device, as well as a fresh build setup so those issues are ruled out. The issue is the Appium framework trying to access an icon by searching the app view which somehow causes a crash when done after a series of other actions.

Hey there:
Thanks for the detailed report!
First question: will this crash happen manually?

The best thing to do in my mind would be to file a github appium issue since it looks like the is causing the crash.

Any environment specifics (OS version, logs, etc. would be helpful). I’m assuming you are on the latest appium version. At a quick glance, similar crashes are found in earlier appium versions.



Thanks for the response. Here is our environment information:

OS: Mac OS X (El Capitan) version: 1.4.13 (Draco)
Appium version: 1.4.13

I’ve attached logs instead of copying-pasting them in here.

instruments_2015-11-20-113526_Grant-Dickies-MacBook-Air.crash.txt (2.6 KB)
one_2015-11-25-102309_Grant-Dickies-MacBook-Air.crash.txt (100.1 KB)

Hi @jdickle
This github post below looks to be a match of your errors. I’m not sure if you ran into this. It may help. Otherwise, I would post directly to github. :smile: