iOS 9 is slow running tests on appium


Before iOS 9 was released my UI sanity tests took 15mins to run but since I’ve been running tests on iOS 9 its slow and takes 30 mins to run sanity test.

Does anyone have this problem? If so, how do we fix it?

I’m experiencing the same thing… 1hr 25min regression suite takes 2hr 30min.

Our appium tests also now take at least twice the amount of time to complete running on iOS 9 simulators. Does anyone have a potential fix for this?

yeah, I’m seeing the same problem. can anyone please help here? thanks!

For anyone stuck on this, I posted a solution in this other thread: Xcode 6 + iOS 7.1 sim slowness?

thank you! that helps me solve my problem. and [] also works, just please remember to add sudo when execute the script.