iOS Appium local test gets slower over time


I’m currently trying to make Appium test working locally on my laptop. I observed that the test gets slower over time within single session. Element/displayed query takes 7-10 seconds according to the server app’s log. The slowdown is significant and noticeable by just watching the test. I also observed that once the test starts the target app process uses around 100% CPU, sometimes it goes above 100%. I also observed that sometimes the process gets paused for a while before resuming.

I’m using Rspec and Ruby to write tests for iOS simulators. Where should I start to solve this problem? Any helps appreciated.

I took a video of what I’m observing.

It looks like Android had a similar issue, then disableAndroidWathers was added to lower cpu consumption. I cannot seem to find anything in iOS side to just give a try. I’m just guessing around to figure this out though.

Looks like using 1.8.2 beta fixed the issue.

The problem came back after few tries… I’m not sure how things worked for few times…