{IOS}{Appium1.5.3} xpath in safari / Find the number of tabs

hello guys,
today i tried to search for the xpath selector in safari native app (to get the number of tabs)…
I’m sadly unable to see anything in appium inspector , i searched for a solution on web and see many subject that are telling the appium inspector for safari is not working(an example : How to switch tab in safari)… if i’m wrong please tell me how to fix my appium inspector.

so I’m asking if someone was able to get the xpath of safari and how he did this
thx for futur replies

finally i found this somewhere
public static void closeSafariTabs (WebDriver webDriver) {
try {
Set contextNames = ((AppiumDriver) webDriver).getContextHandles();
for (String contextName : contextNames) {
if (contextName.contains(“WEBVIEW”))
((AppiumDriver) webDriver).context(contextName);
} catch (Exception e) {