iOS Automation using Appium

I need help to do these things:

How to go to home screen

How to turn wi-fi on/off

How to turn mobile data on/off

How to turn airplane mode on/off

How to make a cellular phone call

How to receive a cellular phone call.

Can anybody help me ?


Answer for all the question

  1. Touch Action
  2. idevicescreenshot

Explanation: for example of turning on/off wifi.

  1. swipe up from bottom of the screen using touch action
  2. take the screenshot to identify the location of wi-fi toggle button.
    or calculate the position of the toggle button and perform action button.
  3. take the screen shot to verify the updates.

Personally, I prefer manual approach for the interrupt testing.If the effort and goal worth to you that’s the way you can do it.

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I agree with @pr4bh4sh, you do not need automation for such testing, actually its not worth to automate.

Thanks pr4bh4sh. Will try those.