iOS Automation using Ruby


I think it might be a very vague question to ask but I need a head start in iOS Automation using Ruby, as I am new to iOS Automation as well as Ruby (moving from JAVA to Ruby).

I have been through the documents on internet and did all the setup i.e.
XCode v9.0,
macOS Sierra v10.12.6,
Appium Desktop 1.2,
All pre-requisites along with Ruby gems.

Also, I am able to launch the app in Simulator using Appium Desktop (Defined the Capabilities, Started the session and it launched the app in simulator)

Questions: My Question here is, how should be the standard Ruby File structure. Also, how should I launch the app via code.

Please assist and let me know if any more details needed.

You should read From there, you could use the same directory structure or change it based on your needs.

Thanks @alvy54
I guess this will do.

Also searching in github will give you lots of projects to refer.