IOS Browser Scroll for Ruby/Capybara?

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the scroll_down and scroll_up methods as a part of the appium_capybara gem, but I’m unfortunately getting a false positive on my tests - they’re passing, but watching the simulator in action it’s not moving whatsoever.

Should I simply run browser.scroll_down or is there a way of specifying distances that I’m missing?

tagging @bootstraponline as they’re pretty hot when it comes to this particular gem.

Gestures on the iOS simulator are broken, this is an issue that impacts anyone using the simulator (not related to Ruby). As a work around there’s a mobile scroll method. See the appium server issue tracker for details.

I did also try mobile:Scroll, but it seems to do nothing as well.ScrollTo appears to be a better implementation, but that came up with a whacking great error trace.

You could also try scrollToVisible via execute script.

In general scrolling is busted on the iOS simulator due to Apple.