IOS CorePlot can not be identified in Appium tool

Hey guys , i am not able to capture the UI element like scatter plot or bar graph on the Graph Chart on Appium inspector … I tried with id, accessibilityid and name and in java code , but to no luck … It given an error that the element can not be found with the search parameter … … Can you tell me why is it or what could be the work around . Any idea why appium can not identify the Graph and its elements … What can i do to find them on inspector or through code and find its value …

PS: I need to automate the UI of the graph and capture the plots and show some plot value popUp .

Hi Ahmed
Did you get any solution on this. Could you please help if you get any solution

No sorry , I guess this is the limitation of Appium and other automation tool . They can not identify elements on a dynamic screen.