Ios-deploy no such file or directory error

I’m wanting to know if the -w and the file push and copy functions still work in the tool?
$> ios-deploy --version

I just get an error when i run --exists and when i supply -w same exact error message
$> ios-deploy --id 00008020-00065D62148A402E --bundle --exists
2023-01-19 16:26:40.314 ios-deploy[16899:727597] [ !! ] Can’t access app path ‘’ : No such file or directory

I installed via brew. Thanks in advance

Might want to take a look here:

I’m seeing an open Issue that is similar to yours:

yeah - still working out what caused confusion. I’m suspecting it’s a mix of factors, because the moment i start changing the order of the parameter provided, some of my commands start working. Looks like I have to provide the --id parameter, then the actual command, and finally the --bundle parameter as the last arg. Which is a bit weird as it was not obvious from the documentation how to group parameters.

Will update once I figure out how to get some traces out that tell me how to map paths on the OS the app uses to paths that this tool understands, since the numeric “apple” unique app number is embedded inside all paths as far I can tell. Will update when I get more clues.