IOS Element not showing up


While debugging automated tests in our custom automation framework we are currently updating our code’s locators from mostly Xpaths to ID’s so that we can have more consistency in locating the right elements.

On the IOS side I was having some trouble finding an element. I requested our IOS team to give us some custom ID’s which they happily provided. Upon the applications update, I checked if the new elements with accessibility ID’s were present on a real device in our frameworks UI element locator/explorer. They were not. Using our IOS applications in house UIViewer I could see that the element had indeed gained the requested AccessibilityIdentifier. This does not show on the element explorer. I can’t select accessibilityid with the element locator and cant find the element using other strategies.

After digging a bit I find that appium provides the following locator strategies: Find Elements - Appium. The IOS side relies on appiums xcuitest driver (GitHub - appium/appium-xcuitest-driver: Appium iOS driver, backed by Apple XCUITest) which is a combination of WDA and apple’s XCTest framework.

That said I can’t find what the xcuitest driver does under the hood.

Also installed Appium desktop and configured it to check out the same server running our custom framework. Appium itself could not find the element. It seems also that all the XCUIElementTypeCell’s in our application that reside within another XCUIElementTypeCell do not show up in Appium desktop.

If someone can nudge me in the correct direction here it would be mightily appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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