[iOS] - Elements are absent in XML but they are visible

Here is some problem with Appium’s getting of XML.

We have iOS native app with Sign Up page (part of page is on the picture).
I have scenario: need to click on Submit button and verify that red error messages appear on the screen.
When I perform this scenario manually - after appearing of this errors I can click on ‘Copy XML’ in Appium inspector and error messages are presented in XML file. Everything is fine.
But when I do the same steps programatically - error messages are absent in XML. I was trying to do the same steps 10 times and each time errors are absent in XML but they are visible on the screen.

After this I analysed - what the differences between manual clicking and Appium performing of scenario? The difference only 1: when I click manually - I don’t grab XML structure each time to locate an element.
So, I decided to implement the steps without any grabbing of XML, using direct UI Automation calls. And magic - it works!!!
So, the problem is that impossible to get such static error messages only in case if to grab XML before for the same page.

I’m sure that it’s a bug.