iOS elements are not available

I cannot get accesses to some elements which contains in table or dropdown elements. On Android platform everything is ok. Developer added AutomationProperties.IsInAccessibleTree=“True” to this elements, but it was not help. For creation table and dropdown we are using ‘telerikPrimitives’. Maybe do you have any idea why ‘AutomationProperties.IsInAccessibleTree’ doesn’t help?

@o_ch Please provide the code, which is not working for you.


In UI try to click on the elements one by one you want to find the xpath or id or name of the particular element moreover the entire list.

or else get the webelements from the parent node xpath.

List list = driver.findElements(By. xpath(""));
list.get(0).click(); //to click on first element.
list.get(1).click(); //to click on second element.