[iOS] Failed to connect to XC Automation

Hi all. I’m having an issue with my iPhone:


  1. Appium Studio Version 10.8.41
  2. OS Windows 7 64bit
  3. Device iPhone 5 iOS 10.0.1


  1. iOS Provision profile was successfully added to project
  2. Then I selected the device I was working with >> also successfuly recognized
  3. Start the device >> Run UI Automation progress bar opened

I’ve got error Could not support non-instrumented mode.Failed to connect to XC Automation. Make sure the appleId profile is trusted…
I went to device settings - that profile doesn’t exist but I have no idea how to add it there.

Any suggestions?

Apple Account which you are using should have admin admin privileges.
You are running in MAC right

No, Windows.
What are admin priveleges in this case?